ZEGA Evo lock set for 2 cases

62,00 €
Toimitusaika: 6-10 päivää

Delivery time: 6-10 days

(with the advance payment from the day after the payment order by the customer, and for other methods of payment from the day after the contract)

Osa numero
sis. 24% alv
These installation locks are especially suitable for ZEGA Evo and can be installed without drilling/filing.

If you require a certain key number, please enter it during the order transaction.

Set for both cases!

Scope of delivery:
- 1x lock for case fastening left
- 1x lock for case fastening right
- 4x lock for case lock
Osa numero 01-050-6000-0
toimitusaika 2-5 työpäivää
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