Due to a particularly wide range of uses, the new Compañero Rambler­­ is the perfect companion for motorcyclists who want a textile suit that is just as inspiring in everyday life as it is on long journeys.

Whether you are just dashing to the bakery, weaving through a traffic jam to get to work, or enjoying that great feeling of freedom when off on a motorcycle for weeks on end: with the Compañero Rambler, Touratech has developed a textile suit that cuts a fine figure in any situation. With its smart ventilation, it wards off sweltering heat in the urban jungle just as confidently as it keeps you dry, for hours on end, in constant rain on the motorway. In terms of safety, the upper material and protectors are top league players. But stop, one thing after the other!

  1. Compañero Rambler Jacket, men
    Compañero Rambler Jacket, men
    Alkaen 938,00 € Regular Price 938,00 €
  2. Compañero Rambler Trousers, men
    Compañero Rambler Trousers, men
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  3. Compañero Rambler Jacket, women
    Compañero Rambler Jacket, women
    Alkaen 938,00 € Regular Price 938,00 €
  4. Compañero Rambler Trousers, women
    Compañero Rambler Trousers, women
    Alkaen 625,00 € Regular Price 625,00 €

Robust Gore-Tex three-layer laminate

The jacket and trousers of the Compañero Rambler are made of Gore Tex Pro. To create this particularly resistant three-layer laminate, the membrane is laminated onto a nylon upper material in robust 600 denier yarn thickness. A third, thin layer protects the membrane on the inside.
In contrast to conventional designs, in which the membrane lies as a loose layer (liner) between the outer material and the lining, a laminate offers numerous advantages. For one thing, textile clothing made of laminate is much less bulky and can be cut to fit comfortably close to the body. However, you will literally feel the biggest advantage as soon as you get caught in a rain shower. If a liner is used, the outer material will soak through, causing wearer comfort and the interior climate to suffer, whereas rain will roll off the outside of the composite layer of the laminate. This makes the „drowned rat“ feeling a thing of the past.
With a 28,000 millimetre water column rating, the Gore Tex Pro laminate is 100 percent waterproof under all conceivable conditions met in everyday motorcycle life. However, the structure of the microporous membrane allows water vapour to escape from the inside to the outside so that, during physical exertion, the wearer does not immediately start sweating.
But of course, the breathability of even the best membrane has its limits. To understand this, it helps to take a look at the basic physics. Even though climate membranes are commonly referred to as breathable, they themselves are absolutely passive. The membrane is a layer of plastic with very fine pores. The diameter of these is precisely dimensioned so that water in liquid form cannot pass through. However, a smaller water vapour molecule can slip through the pores. The engine driving this process is the difference in vapour saturation inside and outside the garment and a corresponding difference in temperature. In cool, dry weather, this „gradient“ is at a maximum. The higher the outside temperature, the lower the gradient. In hot and humid tropical air, it could even be reversed in extreme cases.

Sophisticated ventilation
So, for an all-round suit like the Compañero Rambler, which is designed to function at high temperatures, it‘s not enough to rely on the performance of the membrane alone. To ensure that the suit is comfortable to wear even in the heat, the developers have come up with a sophisticated ventilation system.
The double front zip allows a really strong passage of air. If the waterproof zip is opened, the jacket is still kept closed with a second, underlying zip. However, an in-built strip of extremely air-permeable mesh/fleece material, reaching from top to bottom, allows air to enter the jacket over a large area, but keeps insects out. Furthermore, the jacket does not inflate, as is the case with classic designs when the zip is open.
Yet another innovation consists of the ventilation flaps that can be opened over a large area, two of which are located on the chest and two on the thighs. Waterproof zips allow the upper material to be opened wide and then secured with a magnetic button to prevent fluttering. The ventilation opening is also backed with the three-dimensional mesh to prevent particles entering. When the zip is closed, an additional labyrinth system guarantees absolute waterproofness, even at high speeds.
The ventilation zips at biceps level provide arm ventilation. And - to get the airflow really moving - there are vents on the back of the jacket that can also be regulated by means of waterproof zips.
This makes the Compañero Rambler perfect for high temperatures. Should it get really chilly, however, a zip-in kidney belt and the inner jacket provide cosy warmth. Made of comfortable windbreaker material, this jacket can also be used separately, allowing you to have one less piece of clothing in your luggage. In really foul weather, the removable storm collar provides a weatherproof transition to your helmet.

Top-level protection
As well as all this, the Compañero Rambler is excellently positioned when it comes to protection. In areas particularly prone to abrasion, the robust 600 nylon is reinforced with Armacor. This high-tech fabric is a mix of Cordura (nylon) and aramid fibres (Kevlar), which is characterised by enormous tear and abrasion resistance.
Latest generation protectors are responsible for impact absorption. This is where „Seesoft“ protectors come into their own. Due to their sandwich construction with alternating layers of nitrile polymers and polynorbene rubber, they provide optimum impact absorption while distributing impact energy over a large area. The standard protectors on the back, elbows, shoulders and knees feature the highest protection class, level 2, and the hip protector corresponds to level 1. The same protection class can be retrofitted in the chest area.
This concept of passive safety is supported by large-area attachments made of 3M Scotchlite, which improve visibility in the dark, thanks to their strong reflective effect. This elaborate safety package allows the Compañero Rambler to be certified as Class AA motorcycle protective clothing - only a leather suit would be safer.


The Compañero Rambler is a premium class all-round suit that makes no compromises. High-quality materials and sophisticated detail solutions guarantee practical functionality with maximum comfort under all conditions of use.
The Compañero Rambler is available in individual styles for men and women, each in seven sizes. The men‘s version of the Rambler is available in grey and black, and the women‘s version in grey.

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